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Social Care Legal Advice Line

The social care team at Hempsons is well placed to assist with a wide range of legal issues including areas such as CQC inspections and CQC reports, employment issues, local authority safeguarding alerts and disputes with local authorities.

Hempsons’ social care advice line offers up to 15 minutes of valuable preliminary advice on a range of issues social care providers face including:

  •     Regulatory expertise
  •     Health and safety
  •     Employment and HR law
  •     Real estate
  •     Corporate and commercial
  •     Dispute resolution

Social Care Legal Advice Line -

To access the Advice Line simply call 01423 724056 quoting ‘social care advice line’ or email

introducing the buddy help group

Sign up for the Buddy Help Group. If your home has a poor inspection report, need to know what audits you need to do -  you can tap into the buddy group and get help and advice from other home managers who have agreed to offer help.

For further information use the contact page here to request further information about the Buddy Help Group.

Working together we can improve care across the district, by helping each other.

Patrick Hall
Policy Fellow at The King’s Fund

I have learnt to keep my expectations low when it comes to government action on reforming and sufficiently funding social care. But in the lead-up to the budget, I felt surprisingly positive.

Talking to people in and around the Westminster bubble, there was a growing consensus that the chancellor would recognise the damaging decline of social care provision.

At the very least, he was expected to address short-term pressures before the arrival of increased improved Better Care Fund (iBCF). Here at The King’s Fund, we anticipated conditions to any new funding, possibly the extension of the CQC’s  remit to local authority commissioning, a shift in the means test, or significant ties to Delayed Transfers of Care performance.

So the announcement of over £2 billion of new money for social care, promised as supplementary funding to the iBCF and to be

should the budget's billions for social care put a spring in our step?

distributed as £1.01 billion in 2017-18, £674 million in 2018-19 and £337 million in 2019-20, was not entirely unexpected. But it still felt rather surreal to see social care attracting headlines and receiving significant government support after spending so many years in the shadow of the NHS.

This funding comes on top of the previously announced measures to amend the social care precept and increase the Better Care Fund. Its purpose is to tide adult social care over until the iBCF kicks in at the end of this parliament. The rules around allocation look like a good attempt at using the iBCF to make sure those areas less able to raise money through the precept don’t miss out. These funds were, and are, very welcome.

April 2017

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