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Bradford Care Association - united, our care providers are in safe hands

The Bradford Care Association (BCA) brings unity to care providers in the Bradford district, helping them to work in partnership for the good of everyone in the social care sector

Established in 2014, and with members representing from across all care sectors within Bradford, the BCA deals with everyday issues and the many priorities facing those in the social care sector. BCA is a community group that’s a combined force for good. The BCA shares best practice, vital information, relevant advice and guidance, as well as providing training, support and direction on funding, grants, Covid-19, PPE and much more. Acting with one voice when liaising with the Local Authority (LA), the NHS, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to resolve issues and promote best practice – the BCA works tirelessly to ensure resilience for Bradford’s care providers. An outstanding association providing excellent value for money (membership is just £100 per year), the non-profit organisation has a highly experienced board of directors who work voluntarily for the good of all care providers in the Bradford district.



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About Us

Resource Center

The BCA has a wealth of knowledge and resources for its members that will help and support care providers and their teams with everyday practices and governance.

The BCA is passionate about quality care and lobbies at a local, regional and national level for the good of all members. The BCA’s involvement with the ‘Cost of Care Exercise’ is also helping to achieve a fairer cost for the care being delivered by homecare, domiciliary care and nursing and residential providers in Bradford. The BCA recently negotiated and achieved void funding for care homes – a grant that many Local Authorities have not received - and is currently fighting for further financial support for the sector.

Guidance Docs

Please see a link to the Provider Zone to get updates on guidance for the Bradford District: Link to provider zone


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Quality Workshops

Series of 3 workshops from September-November 2020 free for all Providers focused on the past present and future during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first session ‘BACK' was focused on reflecting on how Providers have dealt with the unprecedented times in 2020. Session 2 'TO' was around present day and working through case-studies to try and prepare for CQC inspections. The final workshop ‘FUTURE’ is on Winter Planning and how to reach outstanding in inspections and what to expect with guest speakers.

Registered Managers Reference Group

Fortnightly meetings on a Wednesday at 3:30-5pm to share good practice and detail issues that can then be brought to the attention of the relevant industry body at a fortnightly meeting that stimulates open two-way communication. There is a useful WhatsApp group for registered managers to keep up to date on the move, to get more information email

Registered Managers Network

A monthly session that builds on the reference group with a more extensive follow up. With a results orientated approach, the network of registered managers can act with one voice and openly discuss and resolve issues quickly. To join email

Provider Update Meetings

Fortnightly virtual session on Tuesdays at 10:30am (opposite wees to RM Reference group) for all Bradford Providers. The meeting includes all the latest updates from relevant industry bodies in one concise and informative meeting with the BCA Board and representatives from the CCG and LA. To join email


Annual General Meeting for all BCA Members, which will be virtual this year in December to reflect on the past year and celebrate successes with guest speakers.

Partnership Training Sessions

Updates to follow.

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• Practical tools and support to help adult social care organisations recruit.

• Specialist training and leadership development services.

• Procedural support and guidance on Covid-19 testing, PPE, medication and hospital admissions/discharges.

• Informative tools and best-practice documents to support providers with assessmentsand inspections.

• Direct access to industry leaders within the Local Authority, the Care Quality Commission, the Clinical Commissioning Groups, the NHS and Bradford Council Service Improvement Board.

• News bulletins, workshops, regular virtual meetings, network and reference groups.

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